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I’m sorry.  I really am.  I just loaded BOUNTY HUNTED onto Amazon a little while ago, and I try not to drown anyone with my books.  But I wrote the first book for a new mystery series months ago and my agent just gave me the okay to self-publish it.  If I were smart (and that happens sometimes), I’d hold onto it for later in the year, but I already have plans for then.  Add to that, I REALLY hate waiting–and I’ve already waited a long time–so I put it up on Amazon.

I know the two book releases are too close together.  Not smart marketing.  But BOUNTY HUNTED appeals to urban fantasy and supernatural fans, and BAD HABITS is a mystery.  Not a cozy.  Lux’s book is more splash-dash, more untraditional.  She’s every bit as loyal to people she loves as Jazzi or Hester (from my other series), but she’s more unorthodox in her approach to problem-solving.

Luxury Milton Millhouse’s parents are filthy rich, but usually absent, so whenever she can, she spends time at the Johnsons’ house, with her BFF Gabbie’s parents and four brothers, who happen to be black.  She comes to think of them as her second home.  She’s so close to Gabbie and the three oldest brothers that when her parents die in an accident, and the Johnson siblings are moving to Summit City to start new businesses, she moves, too.  She wants to leave Chicago and its memories behind.  It’s not until Mr. and Mrs. Johnson retire and Keon talks them and his youngest brother into joining them in their new city that trouble follows them.  Then it’s time for Lux to use her journalist degree to find out why people are breaking into Tyson’s car and a dead body is found next to his open trunk.


10 thoughts on “Another New Book

  1. Oh, I love her full name! How clever and unusual. And this sounds awesome! I’m headed over to snatch up my copy now. Give me a little while to catch up with a few books in my queue and then I will dive in. I’m so intrigued by the launch of a new series from you and to see what you’ve come up with this time.

    I know we just did a Bounty Hunted promo, but I’d be happy to host you if you’d like to do another promo in a little while.


  2. Thanks, Mae. I’m waiting to do anything with Lux since I just put up Bounty Hunted, and I hope you have lots more 5-star reads in your queue. From your reviews lately, it sounds like you found some really good new authors. Happy reading!

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  3. Sometimes it just happens that way. It happened to me last year with two rapid releases and it’s probably going to happen this year, too. No avoiding it sometimes. It sounds like you need a place for some promo, and my blog is always open if you’d like to send something.

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