Not Forgotten

Long, long ago in a land faraway…okay, that’s not true…in the same office I work in now, I wrote urban fantasies as Judith Post.  I really enjoyed them.  They gave me a kind of freedom I don’t have with romances or mysteries.  My characters had powers ordinary people don’t have.  They also had bigger enemies.  And even with magic, they had bad days and worries.

Even back then, I had a fondness for good witches, so I wrote three books featuring Reece Rutherford.  Reece didn’t realize she was a witch until a werewolf attacked her and a gargoyle saved her.  Where the werewolf had pressed his paw against her chest, a blood-red, hexagram tattoo stained her skin, and her powers started to awaken.  Eventually, she joins Damian and his fellow gargoyles to fight the rogue werewolves who are trying to take over their city.

I’ve neglected all of my urban fantasies for a long time, but since I’m writing the Muddy River supernatural mysteries, I thought I’d spotlight them once in a while again.  From Thursday, June 18 to the 22nd, WOLF’S BANE is free on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. I don’t know how you keep up with everyone’s writing. I don’t read that fast. I can’t wait to see what your next book is going to be. A straight mystery…but it has a legend. You have a knack for bringing those to life.

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