Mystery Musings

In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten especially happy talking about reading with my daughters and my grandson’s wife.  My Florida daughter and Tyler’s wife both convinced me to read the book CIRCE, by Madeline Miller.  I love Greek myths.  They both love literary fiction.  All three of us are excited about the book.

My Indy daughter’s an eclectic reader, like I am.  She tries a variety of different things, but we both share a passion for Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.  I bought her the newest book in the series for her birthday this year.  She finished it so fast, I should have bought her another book to finish out the weekend.

Sharing books made me think of things I read growing up, books my mother loved and recommended.  She bought me the entire set of Laura Ingall Wilders novels.  Later, she loaned me all of her Grace Livingston Hill collection.  I still remember The Enchanted Barn and want to make that a project for Jazzi, Jerod, and Ansel sometime–converting a barn into a home.  She gave me Betty Zane by the author Zane Grey.  I was so taken with that character that after I read the book, I tried to teach myself to purse my lips every time I was deep in thought, like she did.  Now I regret that.  I have the wrinkles to prove I succeeded.

I read to both of my daughters when they were growing up and tried to buy books I thought they’d enjoy when they got older.  I gave my Florida daughter all of the Alice Hoffman books on my shelves.  She’s still a fan.  She read a lot of Stephen King, too.  My Indy daughter read every single Fever series book by Karen Marie Moning before I could read them.  She’d snitch my Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels new releases, too.  And I loved it.  I read every single word of every single Harry Potter to my grandsons.  It was a special bond for us.  That, and playing Frogger together.

What about you?  Do you have any special memories of books you shared as a family?  Any books you share now?


6 thoughts on “Mystery Musings

  1. After my father died, my brother, mother, and I would often get together in the evenings to read as a family. It didn’t matter that my brother and I were both grown, he realized this would help bring healing to our hurting hearts, particularly Mom. Among the many books we read was Watership Down, the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and a non-fiction book, Walk Across America.

    I still cherish those times. Our father loved to read, so this would have pleased him tremendously. It’s too bad we didn’t do it before he passed away.

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  2. My mother and I shared many books and many series, often reading them at the same time so we could discuss them. When she was older, I took her to a bookstore every Saturday, where we’d each pick out books, then sit in the cafe with a coffee or tea while we caught up on what happened during the week. When I think of bookstores, I always think of my mother.
    Lovely post, Judi.

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