Harry Dresden

I’ve been deluged by fans of Harry Dresden lately.  Lynn Cahoon, Midu Hadi, and Mae Clair.  So many who are so enthusiastic, I had to see what I was missing.  So I bought the first Harry Dresden book–Storm Front.  And for the first couple of chapters, I did an inward shrug.  What was the fuss about?  And then I got seriously hooked.

What is it about wizards named Harry?  Well, both of the ones I know are pretty much alone in the world.  Their parents, like every Disney animated movie I watched growing up, are past tense.  Kaput.  The establishment isn’t too fond of them.  And they have more talent than any single person (even a wizard) should have.  Add to that, that they’re up against monumental odds.  Odds they shouldn’t survive.  And neither of them take themselves too seriously.

Dresden has a great mix of lethal and humor.  People die horrible deaths, but the skull in the basement who helps him make potions, bargains for a weekend of ribald entertainment.  And the women in their lives are no shrinking violets.  When Dresden apologizes to Murphy, she hobbles into his hospital room to throw the flowers he sent her in his face.  The action made my adrenaline pump.  The monsters are scary.  And the villain’s scarier than the things he creates.  But even with magic bouncing off walls, Dresden felt REAL.  Because I could relate to him as a person.

When I finished Storm Front, I downloaded book two.  I never read books back to back, but I’m looking forward to the next story to see what Dresden does next.  Now I know what the fuss is about.  Harry Dresden is one fun series to read!

4 thoughts on “Harry Dresden

    1. It reminded a little of Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series where magic and tech battle back in forth in waves in Atlanta. It makes for an interesting twist.


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