Babet & Prosper

I got the files back for my Babet & Prosper novellas, so that I could load them on Amazon myself.  I spent all morning doing that, and since they’d already been in mobi format, Amazon processed them really fast.  I had as much fun writing Babet and Prosper as I do now writing Raven and Hester.  I intended them to be “lunch hour reads.”  Each story is about 40 pages, and when I finished four of them, I put them together in a bundle.  I read a few of them before I loaded them, and I think my writing style’s changed a little since I published them.  I hope it’s smoother with a little more padding.  But who can judge their own writing?  Anyway, they’re up, and here’s the breakdown for each bundle:

cover_27_thumb  The first collection has:

cover_6_final_thumb   cover_7_thumbcover_8_thumb,  andcover_12_thumb/


cover_mockup_30   The second collection includes the four novellas on the cover.


cover_50  The third collection includes:

cover_36_thumbcover_46_thumbcover_mockup_49 and cover_51_thumb

The last novella is longer and concludes the series:

cover_52_thumb .

I had a lot of fun finding covers for each of these.  When I first sold them, I wrote free short stories to promote them.  I’ll add them here, too, eventually.


7 thoughts on “Babet & Prosper

  1. I don’t expect anyone to read all of those books, but I hope they appeal to some people. Selfishly, I’d rather you wrote a story that I can read instead of reading one of my old ones:) I love your books.

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