Shameless Plug

I just loaded my 6th Muddy River story, SURVIVAL, and for whatever reasons, I’m inordinately happy with it.  Mind you, that doesn’t mean that it’s better than any other story I’ve written.  It just means that I had goals in mind for this story, and I feel like I met them.

I’ve been reading the snippets of Ryder that Ilona Andrews has been putting on twitter.  Damn, they’re good.  She can take ANYTHING and fill it with tension.  Probably why she’s a best-selling author.  But that’s not in my nature.  I like down scenes, “soft” scenes with people who care about each other enjoying the solace that loved ones can bring.

That fellowship of good people who care about each other became the theme of this story.  Yes, I wanted to write memorable battle scenes.  I wanted the danger to be notched up in this story.  I wanted Hester and Raven and their friends to face off against adversaries who were as strong as they are.  But I also wanted to focus on people who really care about each other and not just people who band together to win.

I try for something different in each Muddy River tale.  Next time, I’m not even sure if I’ll have a battle.  Maybe, maybe not.  I want to go in a different direction, focus on something different.  But that’s WAY in the future.  Only in the planning stages.  So who knows?  For now, I’m happy with SURVIVAL.  And if you give it a try, I hope you are, too.


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