I’ve been ignoring my latest Muddy River short fiction, SURVIVAL.  My blog friend, Mae Clair, wrote a wonderful review for it that made my day.  And it reminded me that Hester and Raven could use a little love.  Here’s her review:

There are plenty of enemies and battles in the story, but Raven and Hester face them all together.  Here’s a snippet that shows them as a couple before the crap hits the fan:

I was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping pinot grigio, letting my mind drift, when I heard Raven’s car pull into the garage.  A minute later, he pushed through the kitchen door.  Six-five and corded with muscle, with black hair and amber eyes, he locked gazes with me, and his look sizzled.  “Is everything packed?” When I nodded, he grinned.  “Brown’s covering the office while I’m gone, and Strike’s promised to help out if needed.  We have an entire week to ourselves, just you, me, and Claws.  I have plans for you, witch.”

It was about time.  Between Raven’s job and mine, it was hard for either of us to get away.  I pointed to the suitcases and coolers sitting in the corner.  Swallowing the last of my wine, I stood.  “Let me change, and I’m ready.”

He licked his lips.  Even across the room, I could feel the heat build in him.  “Need any help?”  His voice was husky.

I shook my head.  Fire demons could be distracted by lust.  “If you want to get to the cabin by supper time, it would be safer if I did it myself.”

“Right.”  His expression turned even more lascivious.  “Everything in due time.”  He bent to grab bags to load into my SUV.  Twenty minutes later, Claws curled on the backseat and I rode shotgun. Glancing at my worn jeans and long-sleeved T-shirt, Raven gave his head a sharp shake as he turned onto Banks Road.  “Those clothes cling to everything I like.  It’s going to be hard keeping my eyes on the road.”

“The sooner we get to the cottage, the sooner you won’t have to.”

He chuckled and turned away from Muddy River, heading north so that we could enjoy ourselves and each other.

4 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. I’m delighted to be able to offer a review of Survival. I throughly ADORE your Muddy River series. Survival was another gem in an already fabulous collection. I love Raven and Hester, and all of the supporting characters you’ve created. Wishing you many new fans, and I hope you keep this series going.

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