Tooting My Horn

I’ve been waiting a LONG time, and I’ve been patient (for me), but I can finally announce that my new Lux mystery, HEIRLOOMS TO DIE FOR, is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be out officially on November 9th. Lux is more impulsive than Jazzi, so she’s a fun contrast to write about. In book two, she’s happy because her beloved Cook, who was always there for her when she was growing up, is moving to Summit City to live close to her. Cook’s bringing her older sister with her to help care for her. Even better, Cook’s following the moving truck from Chicago to the storage units Lux has rented in town, bringing the items and furniture Lux wanted to keep after her parents died. A double win. One of her favorite people will be back in her life, and her cherished keepsakes will be available to decorate her house. Except, nothing’s that easy in a mystery. So, of course, when Lux goes to look through her things, she finds a dead body in the unit, too.

I know this cover is a little out of the ordinary, but for me, it fits the story. I didn’t want it to look very serious. Lux, to me, is fun. And I wanted her covers to have a different feel from the Jazzi or Muddy River covers. So I hope you like it.

To bring a little more interest to the new Lux 2, I’m making the first Lux, BAD HABITS, free on Amazon from Nov. 8 – 12. Book one is where we meet the Johnson family and learn why Lux loves them so much.

My wait is finally over. Lux is about to drive her yellow Bentley into a new mystery. I hope you check her out.

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