Julia Donner’s Story

MURDER THEY WROTE is only $1.99 now. 7 authors, 7 different genres. Marcia Meara wrote in her review: “I love anthologies, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on Murder They Wrote. I wasn’t disappointed. The variety of genres and styles is wonderful and truly offers something for everyone. I enjoyed the entire book, but was especially drawn to the subtle humor of Julia Donner’s “Murder at a Garden Party,” the wonderfully interesting main character from C. S. Boyack’s “From the Files of Jason Fogg,” and the gloriously Medieval Knights, Lords, and Ladies populating Mae Clair’s “A Winter Reckoning.” No doubt each reader will have his or her own favorites, but those three tales really pulled me in.” Thank you, Marcia!

(You can find her blog here: https://marciamearawrites.com/about/)

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