Welcome, 2021

I’m an astrology junkie. I read Oscar Cainer’s horoscopes almost every day. I think of them as my daily devotionals, because it comforts me to think that God has a grand design in mind for each of us before we’re even born, sort of the like the Greek Fates who weave our fortunes before we come into the world. I wrote a book about that a long time ago–the book that helped me find my wonderful agent, Lauren Abramo–Fabric of Life, under the name Judith Post. https://www.cainer.com/daily-horoscope/

I also read Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone at the beginning of every month, and she explains that at the end of December 2020, remarkable events happened in the sky. Events that, if you read the December posts, are far-reaching and will change things up for a long time. The Age of Aquarius is beginning. If you’re as old I am, you’ll remember the song by The Fifth Dimension. An exciting prospect. Life should start to get better. https://www.astrologyzone.com/

And that’s what I’m wishing for all of you. A wonderful 2021.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “Welcome, 2021

  1. ah, Judi. i used to tune in to Jeane Dixon’s horoscopes daily (remember her?). she was remarkably close and as a person of the cusp of two different signs always wondered if i was actually born under the wrong one. but Jeane was awesome. then she passed away and the lady who took over her column was so far off i gave up. i do still ck them from time to time, but again–always seem more appropriate for someone else.

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  2. I do remember Jeane Dixon. And I always read the horoscope at the back of the TV Guide. It really nailed me, but I can’t remember the astrologer’s name. The Cainer horoscope has a special page for people born on the cusp to find out which sign you are: https://www.cainer.com/cusp_asp/?ref=cainer::Features:Born%20on%20the%20Cusp? Maybe it will help:) But whatever your sign, hope you have a great 2021!


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