Happy Book Birthday!

My mystery, THE BODY IN THE BEAUTY PARLOR, is officially out today! Jazzi, Ansel, and Jerod can start work on the huge, red brick Georgian-style house they’re going to flip. It’s in good shape, just needs updated. A quick project,. That is, if Jazzi can spend more time helping gut the kitchen and bathrooms, paint and sand floors. Or will she be too busy solving murders? The new hairdresser her mom and sister hired is found dead in Olivia’s shampoo chair with her scissors jammed in her chest. And Jazzi’s ex-fiancée, Chad, goes from having a missing wife to having a dead one. Everyone knows they’d been arguing before she disappeared, but Chad swears he didn’t kill her. Once again, Gaff invites Jazzi along to sift through clues with him. It’s going to be a busy spring!

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