Fun and Clever!

I had a great day yesterday–so much fun that I didn’t get around to writing my usual blog to post last night. I hosted my writers’ group for the first time this year, and it was wonderful! When Covid numbers spiked last November, we decided to err on the side of caution and postpone getting together. But now, the majority of us have gotten our second vaccinations, and we’re a small enough group, we decided it should be okay to get back on schedule. We’ll be meeting at my house the second and fourth Wednesday of each month until we can return to our faithful library meeting room and go to a restaurant afterward. Seeing everyone was WONDERFUL, talking writing and catching up on what they were working on. We lingered longer than usual because we’re friends as well as critique partners.

By the time everyone left, I wasn’t ready to be industrious or do anything of value, including writing, so I flipped through Netflix and found a TV movie to try, ENOLA HOLMES. And boy, did I get lucky. What a find! It was funny and clever with great twists and turns and clues. Enola was the sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, and she learned detecting from her famous brother, played by Henry Cavill. Poor Mycroft didn’t come out well in this show, doing his best to “tame” Enola by enrolling her in a boarding school after her mother left the house and disappeared. The mother, Helena Bonham Carter, raised Enola on her own and taught her all of the things women WEREN’T supposed to learn at that time in history–reading on a wide range of subjects, playing sports, and practicing martial arts. No embroidery. When Enola escapes her brothers to look for her mother, she meets a young viscount who’s running away from his family. A good thing since they’re trying to kill him, and the two team up to help each other.

The movie is well acted, fast-paced, and just good, witty fun. I enjoyed the Sherlock movies with Robert Downing, Jr. and Jude Law. This take has the same clever wit and eccentric clues. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So I not only got to see my writing friends yesterday, I got to watch an entertaining, wonderful mystery, as well. A good day. And that’s why my blog is late. Oops. And now it’s time to get back to my writing:)

9 thoughts on “Fun and Clever!

  1. I guess I assumed you’d seen Enola Holmes. I liked it also. And yesterday wore me out. Came home and did nothing. Did get the corrections/notes from yesterday plugged in but still feeling not energetic. Sun’s out. Time for a walk.

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    1. I love Scribes, but I’m always tired after everyone leaves. Probably spend too much time thinking while people read:) But boy, does it recharge my batteries to get serious about writing again.


  2. What fun! I wish I had a local writing club like that to meet with. How wonderful that you are all friend.

    I’ve been meaning to watch Enola Holmes for some time now. I really need to. I’ve heard only good things about it from multiple people, and I LOVE the Robert Downey, Jr. / Jude Law films.

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  3. Loved to hear about your day. My Book Club met at my home on Friday—without masks for the first time in more than year! We were all safely vaccinated, still social distanced, but felt so “normal.” It gave me a real high! Even inspired me to work on my current writing project the next day. Thanks for the tip about Enola Holmes. Will plan to watch it.

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