Yesterday, I loaded my seventh Jazzi Zanders mystery onto Amazon. It’s the first time I’ve self-published a Jazzi, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that readers find it. I love writing this series. I’ve grown so fond of the characters, I look forward to seeing what they’re going to do in each book.

This time, Jazzi isn’t the one who’s asked to solve a murder. Ansel’s uncle, who promised him a job when he came to River Bluffs, then let his sons drive him away, asks for his help. I’m not as nice of a person as Ansel is. Len treated him like crap. I’d tell him to stuff it and secretly rejoice that he was in trouble, but Ansel has high standards that he lives up to, even when others don’t. When Len tells him that one of the members on his construction crew was buried when a retaining wall gave in a trench, and that the police suspect Trey–his son, Ansel agrees to look into what happened.

Trey’s a jerk. HIs brother Willy’s weak. And Len is…Len. But Ansel likes Hammer and Jerry, who trained him when he first worked for Len. When he and Jazzi go to talk to the entire crew, Ansel realizes he really wants the accident to be just that–an accident. He doesn’t want anyone he knows to be guilty of murder. But this is a mystery…so…you know.

If all goes well, The Body in the Trench will go live on Friday, March 26.

16 thoughts on “Jazzi #7, THE BODY IN THE TRENCH

  1. I’ve loved all of the Jazzi series but this one is now my favorite. It’s so satisfying to be a part of their marriage that keeps growing and getting better. And I agree with Mae. This cover is much better. Oh, no! The dog is in the trench!

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      1. The news said if anyone puts their house up for sale in Fort Wayne, they’d better have some place to go because it’s going to sale FAST and for more than asking price. It’s even hard to find an apartment. It’s nuts right now.


    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you like the books, but I only plan on putting them on Amazon. I know the format for that. I don’t know Nook’s. I’m sorry. I’m not the best at tech.


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