Trying It Out

When Kindle announced their new Vella program, publishing serialized stories, one chunk at a time, I decided to try it out. I thought Muddy River would be a good candidate for it, so I loaded chapters and waited for it to go live. Today was the day. Mae Clair, my blog friend, noticed it was up before I did and posted this from Stacy Claflin’s site: Kindle Vella: Amazon’s Serialized Fiction Platform | Stacy Claflin, Author.

I don’t know if readers will like the concept or not. I hope it’s a success. Here’s the link to SOLSTICE RETRIBUTION: Kindle Vella (

8 thoughts on “Trying It Out

  1. Hi, Judi! I pulled that blog post of Stacy Claflin’s from Tribber, a sharing platform I belong to. Glad it gave you a heads up on Vella going live. Wishing you all the best with your serialized episodes!

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