It’s Not Safe to Leave the Office

My cat loves to lie in the chair next to mine when I write. For most of the morning, while I type, he sleeps, only opening an eye occasionally to make sure I’m not goofing off. At lunch time, he follows me into the kitchen and expects food in his dish so that he can eat while HH and I do. After lunch, sometimes he disappears for a while, but he’s usually back in the office close to three. This time, though, he wants attention.

Sometimes, he sits on my lap and I stop to pet him here and there. If he doesn’t think I pet him enough, he jumps on the tabletop and demands more attention. Once he’s satisfied, he stretches across the back of the desk, close to my keyboard. And he snoozes.

Dutchy and I have written together for years, He inspires. My fingers hit the keys. But last week, I left the room to answer a phone call, and when I came back, Dutchy was lying on the keyboard. He HAD written. No actual words, but 411 pages of scrambled letters and paragraph symbols.. 411 pages! It took me FOREVER to delete them all. And as usual, when I complained, Dutchy showed no shame at all.

From now on, when I have to leave my office, I’m diminishing my writing so that Dutchy can’t add anything to my story. He can still keep me company. I’ll still pet him at three. But he can only inspire, not write:)

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Safe to Leave the Office

  1. Oh my word! That has to be the best cat/writer story I’ve ever heard. I feel your pain and yet I can’t help laughing. 411 pages?!?!?! Dutchy is a highly prolific cat—and a handsome lad! And here I was struggling to keep Raven on my lap and not pawing my keyboard when I was writing yesterday. I’ll be forever grateful she didn’t decide to lay on my keyboard.

    That’s a story for the record books, Judi!

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