Solstice Retribution

I finished and loaded the last chapter of my urban fantasy novella. So far, Vella has been a bust for me, and I have no patience (ask my poor HH). I changed the cover and the tags, but I’m tired of waiting for even one reader to find my story there. In case readers are waiting for the entire thing to be available, I scheduled all of the remaining chapters to go live on August 3rd–a meaningful day for me,–my younger daughter’s birthday. But I don’t ;have high hopes that anyone’s going to look at it that day either. Which is fine.

I knew Vella was a high risk venture when I started it, but I didn’t expect it to be a total flop. I have insurance, though. If the novella stays a stillbirth, I’m giving it a few days and then I’m taking it down to self-publish on Amazon–for free. Muddy River is never a huge success, but I enjoy writing it. So I thought this was worth a shot. And visiting Raven and Hester again has been fun.

In the meantime, I polished the first five chapters of POSED IN DEATH and sent them off to my agent with a note that it’s not a cozy. She asked for a short synopsis, so maybe she’ll represent it. My agent is a saint. She’s stuck out the bumps with me. Even if she decides to give it a try, the next step is submitting it to various editors. And the long wait. Remember I said patience isn’t one of my virtues. I’m going to have to try to be virtuous. Ugh. But by then, I’ll be starting to write my next Jazzi and Ansel, and working on a new project helps me push visions of a million rejections out of my mind, especially when I’m working on an old favorite.

So August should be an interesting month for me. Hope it is for you, too–interesting in a good way, that is:)

8 thoughts on “Solstice Retribution

  1. I’m just not a fan of chapter or serial reading. You know that about me, but I can’t wait for the Muddy River novella on Amazon! I’m sorry Vella was a bust, but I don’t think you’re alone in that. I haven’t heard of anyone yet who has had success with it.

    Good luck on the straight mystery, too. I really need to take the time and moving on marketing mine to agents!

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    1. I didn’t mind trying Vella since they let you take down the chapters and put them up as a self-published book, but Vella’s not up to speed yet. And Yes!!! You write wonderful books. You need an agent. If not an agent, a small publisher. Or maybe just admit you don’t have enough time right now and self-publish until you DO have time?? But I miss your books.

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