Off the Radar

HH and I are taking off for a while on vacation, so I’ll be off the grid. If I don’t visit your blogs or read your tweets, it will be because I’m playing:) I’ve scheduled a few blogs for while I’m away, but I won’t see any comments if you leave them. And I wanted to give you a heads-up that I put up SOLSTICE RETRIBUTION on Kindle for 99 cents, but I’m making it FREE from August 24-28.

I’m off to warm beaches and fun!

8 thoughts on “Off the Radar

  1. Hope you and your HH have a fantastic time on vacay, Judi! Enjoy yourselves.
    And I’m super excited about the new Muddy River book. I just started a new read yesterday, but this is next on my list. I already grabbed my copy rather than waiting for the free days. I love this series!

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