Not my destiny?

I’ve been trying to write a blog for days now. Not anything earth-shaking or deep and wise. Just a little, simple blog, but every time I sit down at my computer to write it, someone stops to visit or calls. I’ve decided the stars and planets are warning me to keep my thoughts to myself this week..

HH loves to go to the American Legion every Thursday after supper. There are hardly any young members. He sits with other veterans and drinks beer and tries to win at raffles and has a “guys night out.” While he’s gone, I sit down to write a blog, but this week, my sister called, and we hadn’t talked for a while, and before I knew it, HH was home again. How did the time fly that fast? The night before that, my grandson called. And the night before that, I invited a friend over for supper and had a wonderful night, yakking.

I know I could write a blog during the day, but I work hard to reserve that time for writing books–and it’s hard to hang onto that slot of hours anyway. There are always things that need done. HH thinks he should have something to eat every day, silly man. He likes to have groceries in the house:) The dog and cat think they deserve attention once in a while. And weeds keep growing every time it rains–and it’s rained more than usual this year. Not that I’m complaining. I feel for the people in drought. And for the poor people who are flooded.

Everyone I know struggles to find enough time to get everything done, so it’s a common ailment. But I can usually sneak in a blog post here or there. Not this week. But that’s okay, because instead of connecting with internet friends, I spent time with family and flesh and blood friends. It’s all about balance. Hope your life is balanced right now. And happy writing!

7 thoughts on “Not my destiny?

  1. Well, in a way you wrote your blog post anyway…just not on the subject you may have planned, LOL.
    I have squeeze mine in on the weekends, along with my writing time. It’s so hard keeping up with everything. If I miss a day or two blogging, I don’t worry about it. Sometimes those breaks are great for revitalizing. Plus it sounds like you had wonderful times with family and friends!

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