The Waiting Game

I sent my manuscript POSED IN DEATH to my agent, and even though I know better, I always hold my breath, waiting for feedback from her. I’m not sure she’ll like a darker mystery or think I’ll have any luck selling something that’s not a cozy. So I worry. And I wait. I start out confident. I think I wrote a good book. My writers’ club liked the chapters I read to them. My critique partner liked it. But the more time passes, the more reasons I can think of why Lauren won’t take it. Maybe that market’s harder to break into than cozies.

While I wait, I started work on my next book, another Jazzi. And then I started worrying about that. Maybe I should have written that first. Maybe I’ve waited too long between books. I won’t have a new book to publish for another three months. .Maybe readers will have moved on to something else.

For me, part of writing is worrying. Not a totally bad thing if I keep it in check. It prods me to push myself a little harder. And it makes me appreciate the days when the words flow and turn out better than I hoped for. Somewhere in the process, the characters start pushing me whether I worry or not. And then I find a fflow.

I know this sounds crazy, but even if Lauren turns down POSED IN DEATH, I’ll feel better than waiting for her answer. The waiting gets to me. But I’m hanging in there and keeping my fingers crossed.

10 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I hope everything works out as you have planned. I look forward to reading Posed In Death and he next Jazzi book. I’m still trying to find the time to search agents for The Keeping Place. At least now I know how to write a query letter. But I’ve got an October book launch followed by NaNoWriMo, then holidays so it’s looking like 2022. It’s a good thing writers know how to be patient and work on other projects.
    Wishing you all the best. I hope you rock it!

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      1. That’s what I’m planning, Judi. I just have to take the time, research agents (I already know one I want to approach), and then write the letters.
        I just need more hours in my days, LOL!

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  2. Oh yeah, I totally get the waiting stress. Even though I don’t work myself up too much during submissions, I still find the wait to be terribly unsettling. And the best cure I’ve found for it is to just start on my next project.

    Anyway, great job keeping up with the grind, Judi. Wishing you all the best!

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