FREE, Oct. 22nd to 26th

Just wanted to let you know that POSED IN DEATH, my darker mystery, is free now.

Laurel is a widow with grown children, and she suffers from empty nest syndrome. She fills in her time by doing volunteer work, and she’s become a close friend of Maxine, who volunteers with her two days a week at the Botanical Gardens. Maxine’s husband spends as little time as possible with her, so she’s suffering from loneliness, too, after her youngest son starts college. When Maxine’s car is in the repair shop, Laurel stops to give her a ride to the gardens, only to find her dead, an apparent victim of the Midlife Murderer. Maxine fits the killer’s usual agenda of killing attractive women in their forties who have long lush hair, but his victims usually cheat on their husbands, and Maxine never did. Or did she, and Laurel never knew?

I based the character of Maxine on a woman I met when I used to go to our local, dinner theater to see every play. Not so much to see the performances, but because my friend’s Aunt Betty and her friend Fran sat at our table, along with four other older ladies, and they were all vibrant, intelligent, opinionated, and FUN. All widows. I’d come home to tell my husband (who worked second trick at the time) that I wanted to grow up to be just like them, except I’d let HH stick around:) Aunt Betty spent hours volunteering at the SPCA. Fran was in her eighties and was a seamstress for all of the local theater groups. She was always busy. Maxine isn’t as vivacious as Fran, but she sews for all of the local productions, too. Those ladies inspired me.

Anyway, POSED IN DEATH is darker than my usual cozies, so I thought it might fit the October scarier theme. If you try it, I hope you like it.

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