Okay, try, try again

The nice thing about having long time friends is that they can give honest opinions, and I know it’s because they want the best for me. The cover I shared didn’t cut it, so I went back to the drawing board. When Kensington designed the covers for my first six books, on most of them, they showed the setting where the murder took place. For my first book, Jazzi and Jerod found their aunt’s body in a trunk in an attic. In the second, the body was buried near a wetlands, etc. In this book, the body’s found in the trunk of a vintage Buick, but it’s near Jerod’s dad’s car repair shop. Not the background I wanted, so I left it plain. A mistake. So I decided to use the round barn that Jazzi, Ansel, and Jerod are flipping for a friend. And all of a sudden, I liked the combination. It combines enough different elements of the story, I’m happy with it. I hope this one’s a keeper.

8 thoughts on “Okay, try, try again

  1. Thanks, Craig. Hope you have covers and images ready for both of your books. I’m looking forward to them. I love the Lanternfish series, and with your imagination, I’m curious to see how you treat witches in your next The Hat.


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