Butt in Chair

The Jazzi and Ansel that I’m working on now takes place in November and December. They’re hoping the weather holds at the beginning of November so that they can jack up a barn and lay a foundation for it, then put a metal roof over the shingles. To make it trickier, Jerod and Ansel are prickly about what they’ll let Jazzi do, because she found out she’s pregnant. Ansel has wanted a baby for a while, but Jazzi was putting it off. She knows there are things she can’t do–like work with cement. But there are plenty of things she CAN do, and she’s determined to do them–like nail on metal roofing, build forms, and lay floors. No more wine or caffeine, but she’s lucky. No morning sickness. I’ve lost a lot of writing time lately, though. And I’m getting nervous.

The story ends at Christmas time. Most Christmas books are already published. I’m going to be lucky if I get mine up the first week of December. It might be more like the middle of December. But this year, it is what it is. I’m going as fast as I can without getting sloppy. I’d rather publish the day before Christmas than put out a rushed book.

I meant to pay to see if BookBub would take it as a new release, but I want to wait to see how many words I get done this week. I”m not even confident enough to do a pre-order. If I disappear from the internet for a week, it’s because I’m panicking and trying to finish The Body in the Buick. I’ll still try to sneak in a few tweets and blog visits, though. But boy, am I behind! Keep your fingers crossed for me. C.S. Boyack retweeted a great post, though, that gave me hope. I’ll share it, and maybe I’ll learn to write faster and better by the time this book is done:_

8 thoughts on “Butt in Chair

  1. Crossing fingers and toes. Read my first Jazzi and Ansel book. Absolutely enjoyed it. Got it through kindle unlimited. Wish the rest of their stories were in kindle unlimited 🤞Ingrid 

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    1. I don’t get to make that decision. My publisher, Kensington, does. Sorry. But when they dropped me, I put my 7th Jazzi, The Body in the Trench, in unlimited, and I’ll put the next one coming out in Unlimited, too.


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