I finally typed the words The End on the last page of my manuscript. It still needs some rewrites, a little tweaking, but my critique partners have told me I’m in good shape. Nothing major. So I put The Body in the Buick up for preorder with a release date of December 21. That’s late for a Thanksgiving/Christmas story time frame. I know I barely scraped through before it was too late. To apologize, I’m offering the book for $2.99 from now thru January 9.

I hope you have a wonderful December. Mine won’t be as panicked as I’d feared. I can enjoy the trip we planned to see my grandson for a few days. We’ll get to see where he lives in California for the first time. And I’ll be back in plenty of time to pound the keys and fix any touch-ups my friends have circled in red. And thanks to all who sent kind words and encouragement when I was sweating it.

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