The Three Acts: Act 3

You know that they say the beginning of a book hooks your reader. The end determines if they buy your next book. Craig gives a great wrap-up on what the ending should be.

Story Empire

Hi again, gang. Craig with you once more to continue my series on Three Act Structure. If you’re coming in here, the previous posts were Act 1, Act 2 Part 1, and Act 2 Part 2.

By this point, we’ve come up with a plan and experienced absolute disaster. Our main character had to regroup, then work some things out on the fly. He or she wound up at the main antagonist’s door, which brings us to Act 3.

We roughed out a system for a hundred-thousand words by dedicating 25K to each section. Act 3 is usually the shortest one, and you have two things to accomplish. First is the final climax or battle, followed by the denouement. Whatever you do, don’t shoot for precisely 25K per section. You have the right to vary, but it makes for a nice general plan.

In the classic…

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