Finally Loaded!

I never, ever, NEVER want to cut it this close on loading a book again. But The Body in the Buick is finally loaded so it will come out on time on Dec. 21. And this leads me to share a few truths with you.

  1. Don’t start liking a character so much that he’s supposed to be the murderer, but you decide to make it someone else instead. I’m a PLOTTER. I know what happens in every chapter before I start writing a book. One small change affects EVERYTHING. A big change is asking for trouble.
  2. When you change course in the middle of a mystery, you have to go back to change A LOT of things. Up until that point, every clue adds up to the ending you planned. When you change that ending, you have to change every clue. And it’s not fun. Don’t do it. What was I thinking? After that, your plot points are all wonky. You have to change them, too.
  3. Give yourself some breathing room for when life hits you broadside and you can’t keep your usual schedule. It happens, and you just have to make the best of it.
  4. If you decide to write a holiday mystery, write it WAY ahead. Have it done months before you need it. Stress causes gray hairs. I have enough of them without encouraging more. And say thanks to L’Oreal for letting you stay a “natural” redhead.
  5. If you survive and save yourself from disaster, say a big THANK YOU, then REJOICE. Take a deep breath and slow down. Enjoy the things that go along with the season. Bake cookies. Send cards to friends. Watch Christmas movies. And have a wonderful holiday!
  6. Happy December, everyone!

11 thoughts on “Finally Loaded!

  1. Welcome to my world, LOL. I’m constantly going back and rewriting the beginning chapters because of changes I make in the middle–but then I’m not a plotter so it’s my own fault.
    I’m looking forward to the Body in the Buick. Exciting times!

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

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  2. You’re a better person than I am. Changing so many scenes drove me nuts! That’s why I plot. No patience for that many rewrites. Hope your holidays are wonderful, Mae!


  3. Since I really dislike rewrites and read the draft of BITB, the idea of going back and doing all of that editing brings on tears. But I know how meticulous you are about everything. I rely on that when I hand over my pages. (Insert appreciative smile here.)

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