Too much fun. Too much rich food and lots of family and friends. The holidays are wonderful, and I enjoyed every minute of them, but now I’m ready to go back to a simpler, everyday routine. My fingers itch to hit the keys again, and it’s a joy to duck into my office and enjoy solitude. Sitting in front of my computer, alone, for a long stretch of time feels like a blessing. It IS a blessing.

Balance in life makes everything better. The same old, same old isn’t boring. It’s comforting when it’s countered with too much of too many good things. So after our daughter left for work at two, HH and I looked at each other and sagged into our usual routines, grateful to slow down with nothing in particular that HAD to be done. Aah. It feels good.

We have a brief visit tomorrow with the girl who grew up across the street from us. She and her family are stopping in on their way home to MIchigan. We love seeing them and catching up. And then we have a long stretch of ordinary. And it’s going to be lovely. HH and I both crave a certain amount of alone time, and we’re ready to get back to it.

Take care! And happy 2022.

11 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. We have a lot of “ordinary” in our household, but I’m at peace with that for now. I hope you and all have a marvelous New Year! Blessings!

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  2. “A long stretch of the ordinary” actually sounds pretty wonderful.”
    We had a fantastic holiday season but now I’m ready to settle down again and re-establish familiar routines, LOL.
    Happy New Year, Judi!

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