Say It Ain’t So….

I’m glad The Witcher has started a new season on TV because some of the shows I watch when I’m scrounging for entertainment have ended. HH and I missed more of The Voice than we watched this year. A two-hour commitment every Monday and an hour on Tuesday were too much for us. But we watched it off and on, loved the talent and the last two weeks. We’ve been enjoying Only Murders in the Building and watched the last episode of that, too. The season’s over, but it was a fun show. When season 2 starts, we’ll be ready.

I felt cheated when I watched the last episode of White Chapel (an older British mystery) and realized there was no season 5. How I got hooked on this show, I don’t know. Yes, it’s a mystery, but the cases were bizarre. And that’s putting it mildly. The deaths were downright creepy, more horror than whodunnit. It was dark and moody, and I loved it, which is unusual for me. But the characters pulled me in. The story pushed its luck at the end, though. Maybe got a little too violent. The show is not for the faint of heart. But there was a possible paranormal storyline that was simmering under the main plot for a while, and at the end of season 4, it FELT like the detectives were going to tackle that next. Except…the show must have been canceled. So the writers lured me to the edge of the cliff…and left me there. Ugh!

HH and I are haphazard TV watchers, at best. We usually watch the news, and then HH loves the Wheel of Fortune, even though I beat him nearly every night, and then we watch one more show before we turn off the TV and start reading. When we find something we like, we’re excited, then someone always tells us they’ve already binge watched the entire thing:) We’ll never be trendy.

Anyway, I hope 2022 brings new shows we’ll enjoy. And I hope it’s a good year for everyone.

To close out December, I’m writing plot points for more scenes for the story I started on Vella, and I’m starting plot points for the next Karnie Cleaver mystery. Hopefully, when January starts, I’ll have enough done to start writing. I know. Best laid plans and all that, but I like to have goals, even if I can’t always reach them.

Here’s hoping 2022 is good to all of us!

6 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So….

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of things on the paid services, Witcher included. It seems all the scripted dramas have moved to one of the services, leaving gameshows and reality shows for the networks. This reminds me, I need to trot out my business plan.

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  2. Your haphazard viewing habits sound a lot like mine. Hubby and I LOVED Only Murders in the Building and can’t wait for season 2. We’re still Wheel watchers too, and very behind in our viewing habits. We just discovered Star Trek: Enterprise which ran over a decade ago, LOL!

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