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I’m horrible at marketing. My agent got me a great deal from Vibrance Press for audiobooks. When I had Kensington as a publisher, Vibrance Press made an offer on Jazzi and Ansel and produced audio books with Devon Sorvari as my narrator. She’s wonderful. But I’ve never listened to an entire one of my books. I have no patience. I can’t sit through an entire novel. If I weren’t retired, and I drove back and forth to work, delivering kids, etc., it would be different. I could listen on the move. But now, I don’t move. And I’d rather read a book than listen to one.

But even after Kensington dropped me, bless VibrancePress and Lauren Obama–my agent. When I self-published THE BODY IN THE TRENCH and a Karnie Cleaver mystery, A CUT ABOVE, Vibrance Press still made audios for them. Devon Sorvari still did Jazzi, but Laura Jennings did Karnie. And I’m so thankful I have audios for them. I know there’s an audience for them. Even though I still didn’t listen to them.

But when my friend, M. L Rigdon, decided to make an audiobook for her ATLANTIS CRYSTAL series, it finally struck me how lucky I was. She had to hire actors to perform her stories, and she had to figure out how to load the audios to sell on Amazon. None of it was easy. But she did it. So I’ve asked her to drop by and explain how. She’s braver than I am. I’ve caved at making print copies of my books and audio versions of them. But later this week, I’ll share her Q & A with you. And maybe you’ll want to make audios, too. But in the meantime, I’m saying that audiobooks are becoming more and more popular. They’re something to think about if you can do it. I got lucky. Lauren did it for me.

10 thoughts on “Audio Books

  1. The reason I love audiobooks is that I don’t HAVE to sit and read. I read both early mornings and at night in bed ( my days are spent actively working on the blog or one of the chores listed). But I listen to audiobooks whenever I tend my gardens, go shopping, cooking, do any errands, or housework. Those hours add up and certainly make the chore go faster.

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  2. I stalled on the idea of audio and graphic novels. I never could see how the effort and expense would come back to me. I love the idea and would like to have both options available. Hope yours move like hotcakes.

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  3. That’s awesome about the audio books, Judi!
    I’m like you that I lack the patience to listen (it would be different on a long drive, but even then I worry they might distract me). They’re definitely growing in popularity, so there I’m sure there is a big market for them. Wishing you all the best with your releases on audio!

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