Short Is Sweet

I finished reading Staci Troilo’s short romance POUR IT ON last night, and what a winner! Romy thinks Rick has come to interview for a job, and Rick thinks Romy’s an employee of her restaurant, not its owner. Two mistaken identities add up to a really fun read. Easy to read at one sitting, it made for the perfect end of a night.

I’ve had a lot of luck reading short fiction lately. Staci’s romance was witty with plenty of humor. I read Mae Clair’s collection of short stories not that long ago, and they were masterfully written, too.
February’s a short month–maybe a perfect time for short fiction:) I like to stagger something short with punch between longer novels. And these two books really delivered for me!

I might add, POUR IT ON is a perfect read for Valentine’s Day:) HH and I are biting the bullet and plan on spending the money to try Ruth Chris’s steak restaurant for the first time. I’m hoping to be amazed. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s special, too,, whether you stay home or go out, or are alone or with someone.

Happy Reading!

24 thoughts on “Short Is Sweet

  1. I thoroughly loved Pour it On, Judi. All that mistaken identity mix-up made for a fun and breezy read. As you said, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wishing you and your husband an awesome time at the restaurant and a happy Valentine’s Day.

    Thanks for giving Things Old and Forgotten a shout-out in your post, too!.

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    1. You wrote one of my favorite short stories ever in your collection–the one about the desert. I loved it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your DH, too. Hope it’s as much fun as your birthday:)

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  2. Two of my favorite authors in one place. I loved Mae’s short story collection. Truly amazing. I have Staci’s story on my Kindle. I love her writing style, so I’m looking forward to digging into this one. Thanks for highlighting these two talented writers, Judi.

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  3. Thank you so much for that wonderful review, Judi. And what an honor to share the page with Mae. Her collection was amazing.

    Did you enjoy Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse? I’ve been to excellent ones and average ones. I hope you had an amazing dinner.

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  4. We loved it. We couldn’t get a reservation until 8:45, so steaks sounded too heavy. We both ordered the crab cakes, and they were delicious. So was my chopped salad. HH got a Caesar salad, and it was disappointing. I love creamed spinach but I can only eat so much dairy, and I’d already blown it for the week or I’d have ordered it. I love creamed spinach. Our chocolate sin cake was to die for! But boy, is it expensive! We knew it would be, but it was even more than we expected. But for Valentine’s Day, it was worth it!


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