I finished my Vella story BLOOD AND BONES. It’s short, only about 34,000 words, but those words took a long time to write. Mostly because of behind-the -scenes real life issues. When I finished the story, I intended to jump right into Karnie. But it’s a Thursday. Toward the end of the week. Tomorrow’s a Friday, and I’ll visit my cousin in the nursing center. Then it’s the weekend. No rules for weekends, so Lux shouted in my mind that I hadn’t given her any love for a long time. And she was right.

More, I had an idea for a story with Lux. So, what can I say? Lux pestered me enough that I’m writing a short story for her and Keon. This is just to shut her up. She’s a redhead with a bit of attitude, and I like her, darn it. She’s not polite like Jazzi, but that’s all right. She’s fun.

Hopefully, if I get a little time, I’ll share what she’s up to with you. Remember she’s filthy rich, but she’s not spoiled. Her parents never had time for her, but Cook made her feel loved. And she spent lots of time at her best friend Gabbie’s house. Gabbie’s Black but super smart, and the two girls bonded. And Gabbie’s big brothers treated Lux like another pesky, little sister to torment–all but Keon. And eventually, Lux convinces Keon she’s not little sister material. She’s more. So, there you are. Hopefully, I’ll have her story up soon. I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Short

  1. It sounds like you’re having fun moving story to story. I have a short novella pestering me right now. My WIP is at 67K, so that’s going to be next (I think) on my work/writing list!

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    1. I often end up writing a short story when I finish something long and before I start the next long piece. It feels like a freebie because I can finish it so fast:) Novellas are fun. Hope you enjoy writing yours when you can get to it. And good luck with your WIP.

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