Back to a cozy

I’m hugging myself. I finished my Vella medieval fantasy AND a short story for a future podcast AND a short story for this blog. I even wrote another short story to post here in October. And no, I don’t usually think that far ahead. But when I start thinking about short stories, I often get a rush of ideas. So I wrote this one while it was fresh in my mind. And then I jotted down ideas for the rest that came. They have to wait their turn. Because….

Today, I started work on my second Karnie cozy mystery. I’m back in the butcher shop trying to find out who killed Glendale’s councilman. And it wasn’t Earl Thromm, Jethro’s older brother. The two men own the plumbing shop a few doors down from A Cut Above. Jethro’s a frequent customer, but Earl’s practically a hermit. He doesn’t talk much, but he loves to write to the local paper, complaining about…you guessed it…the local representative.

I have a bunch of character wheels for suspects and witnesses, and I tossed in having Karnie’s “perfect” brother coming home to work for a while in their family shop. That should stir things up for the Cleaver family. I wrote chapter one today and part of chapter two. I’m ready to have some fun!

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