Too Much of a Good Thing

I’ve been pecking away at my new Karnie mystery, but soon, any schedule I have is going out the window. Whoosh. Gone! Every once in a while, no matter how well I try to plan, everything converges at the same time. And I’m going to have to replace writing with having too much fun:)

If you’ve read this blog very long, you’ll remember that I give an Oscar Party for my friends every year. Sunday, the 27th, is the big day, and I need to get the old house in decent shape and make lots of food. I’m thinking of trying lamb “lollipops” this year. I’ve never tried them before, but if they fail, I have lots of other things on the menu–crab stuffed mushrooms, Creole shrimp, salmon bruschetta, and asparagus bundles…with a few more. We should have fun. I haven’t seen any of the movies up for awards, but I don’t care. My friends are experts and I just listen to their opinions and enjoy myself.

HH’s brother is getting married on April 4th, so Holly and her fiancée and HH and I are flying to San Francisco from April 1st to the 6th. We’ve been there a few times before, but this time we want to take an official bus tour. And the food…it’s always wonderful there. When we get back home, I have a short break, and then Holly and I are meeting my younger daughter in San Antonio for a mother & daughters’ catch-up trip from April 13 – 16. Robyn said NO MEN, so we’re ditching our mates. We scheduled the trip before Jim told us about his upcoming wedding, or we would have spaced things out a little more, but it is what it is, so we’re going with the flow.

By the time I get back, I’ll be SO ready to write again! I get a little antsy when I’m separated from my computer for too long. But this year is special. I’ll give my Muse a vacation and take a few myself:) Karnie and Matt will just have to behave until I’m in my office again.

6 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. How wonderful. Not being away from writing but that you have so many fun things planned. Writing will still be there when you get back. I hope you have a fantastic time with everything you have lined up!

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