Our Oscar Party

HH and I give an Oscar party every year. Our daughter comes to help me cook the food, and D.P. Reisig sends decorations to put up. M.L. Rigdon/Julia Donner brings her famous deviled eggs and this year, she brought guacamole (which I love). We all glam up a little and have a good time.

It’s interesting to listen to a lot of writers talk about movies. We dissect them like we do books. I’ve rarely watched the movies that are nominated. When I go to a theater or invest time into watching something for over two hours, it’s usually a mystery. But I do make the majority of the food, so I’m allowed to join in the fun.

Jazzi would have been proud of me. I made lamb chop “lollipops” for the first time for the party, and no one went home hungry. The Creole shrimp got wiped out, but can you ever make too much shrimp? HH even helped me make brownie/strawberry cupcakes. But I have to admit, Mary Lou’s a better baker than I am, but I wanted to let her off the hook this time. Hope you had as much fun as we did over the weekend:)

7 thoughts on “Our Oscar Party

  1. Looks like a lot of good food! I don’t watch the Oscars, but I hear there was quite a show (unrelated to the awards). I saw a list of the nominated movies and don’t know a thing about any of them except West Side Story was a remake.

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