Off the Grid

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HH’s brother lives in California. He’s getting married on Monday, so we’re flying to San Francisco to celebrate with him. We leave early tomorrow. Our daughter and her fiancée are coming, too. He’s never been there before, so we have a few fun things planned. We’ve never taken the Big Bus tour, so that’s on our list. One of the stops, I hope, is China Town. The next day, we want to go to the Ferry Building, shop around for a while, then take a ferry to Sausalito for supper.

I’m not going to connect to my computer and plan to be internet free, so I’ll miss my favorite posts until next week. Have fun without me!

6 thoughts on “Off the Grid

  1. Thank you. We got home this afternoon, and we had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful wedding. The San Francisco Courthouse is outstandingly gorgeous. But we’re SO tired. Tried to cram too much into one trip since Kaleem had never been to San Francisco. Ready to take it slow for a while:)


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