San Antonio is fun!

I’ve never done a vacation with just my daughters. My younger one, Robyn, picked San Antonio for the river walk and wine tours, and Holly and I joined her. We had a wonderful time! That city is just plain fun. Full of friendly people and tons of things to do.

Today, I tried to catch up on e-mails and twitter and things I missed. Tomorrow, it’s back to the keyboard and hopefully more scenes and chapters.

My grandson called today, and he and his wife are coming to stay this weekend. And after that, I think I’ll have a long dry spell to settle fanny in chair and write. I’m ready to get back to routine.

I had some of the most wonderful food I’ve had in a while in San Antonio. If any of you have a wonderful Salsa Verde recipe, I’d love to try it. Darn, it was good! I love chilaquiles. I’m going to have to eat healthy for a while to recuperate from the meals we had there. I need to think of something to make for my grandson and his wife when they come, too, but my mind can’t even wrap itself around menus right now. Food Overload. And it was wonderful:)

But it’s back to the real world tomorrow. Wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “San Antonio is fun!

  1. I bought a great looking Mexican cookbook, ELOTE, and it has a recipe for it. I’m going to try it once everything settles down here. The kids are coming to spend the weekend with us and they’re bringing their dog. That’ll keep us busy for a while:) If the salsa verde turns out good, do you want me to send you the recipe? I bought two different kinds at our store and didn’t like either one.

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