Writing Time

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I won’t have time to write tomorrow. My grandson and his wife are coming Friday night and spending the weekend. Time to change sheets on the beds upstairs, clean the house, and cook ahead. BUT, I had time to write today. The first day to have a full day of writing since I got back from my trip. And I loved it.

My fingers skimmed across the keys. Words bloomed into sentences. Sentences blossomed into paragraphs. And paragraphs transformed into pages. I rewrote a previous chapter, then wrote a new one. And it felt WONDERFUL.

Karnie is blossoming in this book. She married Matt, loves his two kids, and is happy! And then her older brother, Porter, comes home. Porter is full of self-importance. He was always the golden boy in his parents’ eyes. He thinks he’s better than Matt and Karnie. When he learns that Karnie married Matt, a grass-fed cattle farmer, he’s unimpressed. And he lets her know it. Chuck, Karnie’s second brother, is offended. Matt is one of his best friends. And when he argues with Porter, the truth comes out. Porter moved back to Indiana because he got himself in trouble in Florida. It was a good time for him to leave there.

Porter always thought he was too exciting, too wonderful, to stay in a small town. HIs ego is too big for his family’s butcher shop. Two of my kids have moved away from Indiana, but not because of ego, because of weather and opportunity. I’m not making a statement about kids who move away. I’m making a statement about Porter. He’s full of himself. He’s good-looking and ambitious and …. self-important. Chuck is easy-going and a bit goofy. Karnie is too practical and straight forward. It makes for a fun mix.

I’ll lose this weekend because kids are more important than ANYTHING. But I can’t wait to get back to writing on Monday! What’s more fun than creating scenes that play out in your head? And I know Karnie better since this is my second book with her. And I feel more comfortable with her stories. So, she’s calling to me. So is the mystery. Who killed Farley? Glendale’s councilman made more enemies than anyone should. Because he wasn’t such a nice person.

7 thoughts on “Writing Time

  1. It’s always fun to get back to writing. I’m still in editing mode on my latest WIP, but almost at the end. I can’t wait to move it behind me so I can start something new. It sounds like you are super excited abut the new Karnie novel. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

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