Jazzi would be proud of me

This is a little gross, but life happens. Our chihuahua is getting old, just like us. And he can’t always make it through the night without having to potty. Unfortunately, he’s started using the bathroom floor as his “to go” place. We bought puppy pads to put down for him, but he stands on the EDGE of them, so that he misses. He’s trying. He just doesn’t get it right. And he’s missed enough, he ruined our bathroom tiles. So we decided we needed to replace them.

HH wanted to use money for another project, so we decided to do the work ourselves. We’ve lived here for 50 years, and we put down new tile three times, but HH never wanted to take up the old tile. This time, to do the job right, we had to pull them up. First, we used a thin trowel to hammer it under the top tile. Then once we got the tile a little loose, we hammered a 15″ utility bar under the rest of the tile to lift it And we had to do this tile by tile for three layers.

It would have taken HH forever to do it himself, so I helped. And I still have the knack. I can still swing a hammer and use a crowbar. And my knees work better than his, so I did a lot of the work in hard-to-reach corners. I think Jazzi would have been proud of me. Yes, she can do a lot more things than I can, but I’m considering the last two days of hard physical labor as research.

Hope you’re writing and NOT doing home renovation:)

12 thoughts on “Jazzi would be proud of me

  1. The projects are harder, but HH and I are more mellow than we used to be, so we work better together. Used to be a few choice words when we got frustrated. Now we take a break:)

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  2. yes, to both–worked for years on old houses, my daughter played with carpet tacking. now dealing with a 16 y/o bichon who is also having to get up in the night (groan), but can usually wait until i wake sufficiently to get to the door to let her out. i figure we are all about the same age, doggy and us, so i can understand her changing body. i could identify with Jazzi too (except for the cooking part) always too exhausted to do much cooking.

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