Can I Ask You a Question?

I’ve resisted writing a newsletter for a long time. I started one once but then didn’t think I had much more to say than I already share on my blog. So I thought of my blog as my newsletter. But writing advice is still advising writers to send out newsletters. AND to write blogs.

Do any of you write newsletters? Or receive them? Do you like them more than blogs? What do you look forward to in them that’s NOT in a blog? What makes them special? And how often do you receive them?

I admit. I’ve never signed up for a newsletter, and I don’t send them, so maybe I’m missing out. Am I?

8 thoughts on “Can I Ask You a Question?

  1. I don’t write a newsletter and usually don’t read them, unless they are unique and not a repeat of the author’s blog posts. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in my days. 😊

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