A Little More Personal

I’ve said on the blog a few times now that life has been a bit more frantic than usual, and I’m having trouble finding the time to write like I did before. This week, my husband had a heart attack, and I followed the EMS to the hospital. He had a 90% blockage of his front, central artery. His other two arteries were blocked, too. He’s LUCKY he’s still with us. I’m lucky he’s still with me.

He spent four days in the hospital, and they put stints in his central and right arteries. But he was getting too tired and too weak, so they’re going to wait a few weeks to put stints in his left artery. I brought him home on Tuesday. He slept most of the day and night, and then he slept huge amounts on Wednesday. Each time he wakes up, he’s a little better, a little stronger. It’s going to take a while. I’ve had a kazillion phone calls, but things are levelling out. I got to work on plot points most of the afternoon today. HH, of course, is my top priority.

He goes to the cardiologist’s clinic to have the next stints put in on Aug. 18. And then, who knows? Maybe he’ll have the drive and energy he used to have. Then I’m in trouble. He was always into something. I’m just glad he’s still with me. And then we’ll argue about me trying to make him take his pills, to exercise, to not eat that bowl of ice cream that’s calling to him. But that’s what makes life interesting:)

BUT, if I miss a day on twitter or forget to write a blog, that’s why. I kind of life the Old Poop, and I want him to stick around. And it takes energy to keep an eye on him because he hates to follow rules:) But he married a school teacher. He has no idea how strict I can be if I have to. He’d better shape up!

Hope you have a wonderful August!

20 thoughts on “A Little More Personal

  1. Well, it was hard to “like” this post, given the subject matter. I’m glad your husband is recovering. Almost four years ago, my husband had an aortic valve replacement and a triple bypass. We knew he had a heart murmur and would need the valve replacement. However, when they did the heart cath, his left main artery was 70% blocked. (That’s the one they call the widow maker.) Long story short, after the surgery he had tons of energy. Getting those arteries cleaned out makes a world of difference.

    Sending warm thoughts and well wishes your way.

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    1. Bypass surgery is just plain scary! Glad your husband’s so much better, Joan. HH is getting stronger every day, sleeping less and staying up more. Soon, I’ll be arguing with him not to put up the new trim he bought for the bathroom.

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  2. Love hugs and prayers Judi ๐Ÿ˜˜ John is lucky to have you and weโ€™re sure glad heโ€™s still here too! Stay strong John ๐Ÿ’• love you both

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  3. Wow, wish everything will be back to normal soon and your husband back to his healthy self after the “stint” procedures. And non-fat ice cream should be healthy, right? I don’t eat milk product. So I don’t know, but ice cream really tastes so gooooood.

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  4. I can’t eat milk either, but once in a while, I do eat almond milk ice cream or sorbet, and they’re both wonderful. He’ll still have yummy treats. He’s getting better everyday. Thank you.


  5. Thanks, Jeremy. One of HH’s best friends called him tonight and said he went through the same thing three years ago, and once all of the stents were in, he’d never felt better. HH is getting more energy every day, but we need all the well wishes we can get, so thank you.

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  6. I’m so sorry to read about your hubby. I know how heavily involved you are with family, but especially your hubby. I’ve had scary episodes with my hubby as well. I watch him like a hawk now. We’ll be celebrating 60 yrs shortly. Have to take care of our men.

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