We got lucky

After all my fussing, I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My daughter from Indy came up to stay with us, and we switched things up a little. On my actual birthday, we invited my sister to go out to eat with us and had a nice, cozy, low-key night. On Friday, we had friends over to eat cioppino, great bread, a big salad, and a birthday cake. Lots of yakking and laughing. And on Saturday, we had more people over to share our Mexican feast. I’d made a lot of the food ahead, so it was more relaxing than usual, and we had LOTS of food and conversation. Our daughter left today, but we had a wonderful time together.

My cousin in the hospital is finally doing better, too. Her lung’s beginning to heal after having the spot of cancer removed. She’s still tired, but the doctors think she can return to St. Anne’s nursing home soon. She loves it there and calls it “home.” Her friends have checked on her often. She enjoys two or three activities there every day. It’s a perfect place for her, because she loves “doing things.”

The coming week is completely open except for visiting her. I hope to hit the keys and get some serious writing done. Thank you to all of you for your kind words and support, but everything turned out better than I ever expected. And hopefully, Jenny will be back at St. Anne’s soon, and she’ll be happier, too.

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