Goodbye, Old Faithful

This has nothing to do with writing. But when my first daughter was born in 1976–a bicentennial baby–we also bought a new furnace. And tomorrow, after all of these years, we have to install a new one. Our beloved furnace has kept us warm for all these years. Its heat exchanger is finally starting to crack, so we have to buy a new one, but really. How many people can claim to have had a furnace that lasted 46 years? I’m pretty sure the new one won’t be as good as the old one, but everything we buy these days isn’t made to last. It irritates me that I have to buy a warranty to guarantee that our expensive refrigerator will work for ONE year. Really? Manufacturers have so little faith in their products that they can’t promise they might work for a year or two? That’s just plain sad.

But tomorrow, the workmen will carry our furnace away. And I hope there’s a furnace heaven for products that work their hearts out. Goodbye, old friend. You have my love and respect.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Old Faithful

  1. I would say you got your money’s worth. Sad, but true, that products don’t last long these days. They’re built to fail so we’ll keep buying. Our first refrigerator lasted 25 years. I don’t have hope that the present one will last that long.

    BTW, I graduated high school in 1976.

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  2. That’s a good run. Products have planned obsolescence these days. They’re supposed to break down so you need a new one. I’ve owned several of the older appliances like my Kenmore washer and dryer that lasted over 30 years. I nearly cried when they finally gave out.

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