One book finished, now it’s plotting time again

I published The Body in the Wheelbarrow, and I’ve debated about what I want to write next. I meant to write a new Laurel and Nick mystery. I even have a prologue/hook for the second book and an idea of the beginning and end, but I left Jazzi pregnant in book nine, and I sort of want to see Toby show up in book ten, so I’ve decided to write another Jazzi before turning to Laurel and Nick.

I changed my pacing in The Body in the Wheelbarrow, and most readers liked the faster pace. One faithful reader didn’t, so I hope I can come up with some kind of a mix for book ten. I hate to disappoint anyone, but I know some changes work, and some don’t. I’m adding babies into the new plot, and that’s going to change some things up, too. Jazzi’s dad and Jerod’s mom not only volunteer but demand getting to care for Toby one day a week, so Jazzi can still be involved in house flipping. I’m going to try to keep up with the balance between renovating a house, caring for babies, and solving mysteries. Fingers crossed I can pull that off.

In book ten, Franny’s sister is accused of murdering her ex-husband who cheated on her after she had his baby. He was jealous of all the time she spent on their new daughter, and instead of getting involved in caring for her, he slept with another woman. Jerod and Franny have Rachel and her baby girl stay with them while she’s out on bail. And of course, Jazzi tries to help prove that Rachel’s innocent.

I think book ten is going to be a challenge for me to write. I’m a little worried how I’m going to pull it off. But I’ll give it my best. And if I’m happy with it, I’m going to be ready to turn to Laurel and Nick again. They’re more of a straight mystery, and Nick and Laurel work together as a team to solve it. They can be a little darker than Jazzi novels. A nice change of pace.

Just as a side note, I meant to try a BookBub Ad for the new release of The Body in the Wheelbarrow, but after reading all the hints of how to make an ad work, I chickened out today. Maybe I’ll get brave and try again another day, but boy, running an ad is intimidating!

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