I hardly ever go on Facebook, but I decided to try to use it a little more often than I do now, and while I was away, too many things have changed. I had a heck of a time even trying to post a comment today. My Judi Lynn author account is now a business account, and it wouldn’t let me write a comment and hit enter unless I added something to the post. I played with the stupid thing for half an hour before I finally wrote ONE small post that worked, and it only worked because out of desperation, I added a “feeling” emoji. <sigh>.

I can’t even find my personal account right now. I keep being sent to the Tattered Book page. How did that happen? I feel like leprechauns came while I was away and screwed everything up.

I looked up “Why can’t I post on my Facebook author page?” in search and came up with so many reasons, I quit trying. I know Facebook has tried to make tons of improvements to help me boost followers, but that’s not going to happen if I can’t figure out how to use it. Aargh! There’s a reason I like twitter. It’s easy! At least, for now. Who knows what’s coming for it next?

7 thoughts on “Phooey!

  1. I’m get frustrated more and more with Facebook. I still have an author page but my blog posts automatically feed there. I don’t do anything else with it. Used to have a FB group, but I gave it up. Social media can be a huge time suck.

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