Pulling Teeth

Maybe it’s because of the holidays. Or maybe it’s because Jazzi and Ansel have more to juggle than usual. They have a baby now. And even though Toby’s easy-going, babies change your life. Jazzi’s taking six weeks off after giving birth, but it’s driving her nuts not working on the fixer upper she, Ansel, and Jerod are flipping. They bought an old brick warehouse on Wells Street a long time ago, but they never did anything with it. Now, after the river walk was built, living downtown is getting popular, so they’ve decided to make it into condos. It’s a three-story building, and they’ve decided to divide it into nine condos–three on each floor with a wide hallway down each center. Two condos will be smaller and one will be large on each floor. A large parking lot is behind the building and a large green area is beside it.

Besides working on the condos, Jazzi’s offering a shoulder for Franny’s sister to cry on. She was in the middle of a divorce when her soon-to-be ex was murdered in another woman’s bed. In the wee hours of the morning. The same hours that Rachel was driving her baby up and down streets to try to get her to sleep. The cops find that suspicious and consider her their top suspect.

Between babies, the fixer-upper, and murder, Jazzi’s days are crowded. But Toby brings her and Ansel lots of joy. Trying to balance everything in the book, though, is making plotting more work for me than usual. And it’s the holidays. But I’m making progress. Someday, I might even be ready to put fingers on keys and start writing scenes.

It’s still early in December, but I hope you’re already brimming with holiday cheer. Enjoy!

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