Snoring Can Be Beneficial

My husband doesn’t snore every night, but when he does, I usually reach over, pat his leg, say “Roll over,” and he quits. For whatever reason, last night, our regular routine didn’t work. He rolled over and started to snore again. I rolled him back and forth, and he never fully woke up, and he never stopped snoring from 4 a.m. to 6:30. He’d stop for a few minutes, I’d start to drift to sleep, and then ZZZZZZ. I finally gave up and made him get up to take a sinus pill and an Advil. I ended up losing three hours of sleep, BUT the more HH snored, the more story ideas I got for my third Karnie and Matt mystery.

By the time we got back in bed after 7, I had enough plot points to write the entire book. And I loved every single scene that came to me. It fits the series, and it’s going to be a great way to wrap it up. Karnie will only be three books long. I’ve really enjoyed writing her and her family at work in their butcher shop and at home with each other. I started work on her because I needed a break from Jazzi and Ansel. I wanted something different so that I didn’t burn out writing one Jazzi after another. The problem is that Karnie’s story feels too much like Jazzie’s, so she didn’t end up being as much of a break as I wanted. That’s why I started Nick and Laurel.

Karnie’s older brother, who came home from Florida to work in the shop with them, will be the focus of book 3, along with the entire community of Glendale. The people who live there stick together and care about each other. It’s going to be a while before I can write the scenes I plotted from my pillow last night. I consider books that play out, scene after scene like that, a gift from a benign universe. But first, I have to finish Jazzi and Ansel’s book 10, and I’m excited about that, too. I have lots of writing to look forward to for a while!

13 thoughts on “Snoring Can Be Beneficial

  1. I’ll look forward to seeing the wrap to Karnie’s series. I’ve enjoyed her universe.

    I once had the entire plot of a novel pop into my head one night when. couldn’t sleep. It was a wonderful gift. So glad even though your hubby kept you awake, their was a silver lining for you through your muse!

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