In Jazzi and Ansel book 10, the team’s decided to convert an old three-story warehouse into condos. They’ve never attempted anything this big before, but they bought the warehouse a few years ago when it was on auction really cheap. Then they weren’t sure what to do with it. Two years ago, River Bluffs decided to try to make the three rivers that run through the town into a selling point. The water’s clean but muddy, some of the cleanest water in the state, even if it doesn’t look it. So, the town built a river walk next to it and added places to rent kayaks and bikes, then added river “bar” cruises and history cruises. The walk’s become a huge success. Big money people have bought property close by and converted them into apartments and condos, and they sold out so fast, it was shocking.

Jerod decides it’s their turn to enter the fray. The problem? Jazzi’s home for six weeks after having Toby. She shouldn’t work. So, Jerod and Ansel hire three freelance construction workers to help them flip the building. Every old window needs replaced. The roof needs replaced. Thee’s an outdoor area that they want to make into a courtyard. While Jazzi stays home with Toby, they dig into converting the old, brick building.

The plan is to create three condos on each floor. One would be big, taking up one entire side of the building. There’d be a wide hallway, and on the other side of the building, there’d be two nice-sized condos with two bedrooms each. Just because I can have fun with Jazzi, Jerod, and Ansel flipping a building, I decided to make them want to make each condo in the building unique. Which means, I needed to find nine different designs for kitchens and matching baths, something different for each one. While Toby naps, Jazzi starts going through house magazines and Pinterest for ideas. She, Ansel, and Jerod have decided to make everything else in the condos neutral, but to make each kitchen and matching bathrooms special.

I’ve never had to find nine different ideas for a flipper before. And I had fun looking for them. I posted them (more than usual) on Pinterest under The Body In Someone Else’s Bed. Right now, I think I’m going to use a white kitchen, a blue, gray, and Spanish style. I’d like to use a black and teak Oriental style condo, and a cheerful butter yellow, and then a sleek modern. After I thought through the plot, I want two condos on the first floor to belong to a woman who does childcare and the big condo will be a coffee/pastry, dessert shop. That might change, but I like it for now.

Jazzi won’t be able to stand it and will have to go to check out the progress on their newest project. But her dad makes that easy for her. He’s demanded that he gets Toby on Mondays. Then Jerod’s mom, Eleanore, asks for him on Tuesdays. They both love babies and kids. Her dad missed out on raising Jazzi and Olivia because he was getting his hardware business started and established. He doesn’t want to miss out on his grandson. And Eleanore–just loves babies.

I’m having fun with these plot points. And then there’s a murder, too. What could be more fun?

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