Maybe? a cover reveal

I’ve been playing with ideas for a cover for Jazzi 10. I’ve created and deleted lots of them, but I kind of like this one. In the story, Franny’s sister, Rachel, married the head chef of a popular Italian restaurant in town. The man is gorgeous, oozes charm, and cheats on her whenever he’s not completely happy to bolster his morale. He has an affair after she has their baby, because he’s jealous of the time she spends on their child and because she’s not as much fun now that she’s dead tired. So, she files for divorce.

The thing is, Damian doesn’t want a divorce. He wants Rachel, but he wants her to spend more time on him. He wants her to take him back, but Rachel’s had it with him. He comes to their house and screams at her when she won’t let him in. And then, he finds her in the grocery store and screams at her there. The manager kicks him out, but a few nights later, Damian’s found dead in another woman’s bed. The woman wasn’t home that night. And neither was Rachel. So, who shot him? Caden and Gaff think Rachel’s at the top of their suspect list. Franny doesn’t think her sister’s capable of murdering anyone. And that means, the investigation begins.

What do you think? Does this cover work?

4 thoughts on “Maybe? a cover reveal

  1. I love the sound of the plot, and can’t wait to read Jazzi 10!
    I’m not sure about all the blood on the cover though since it’s a cozy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cozy cover with blood splatters. Then again your audience is already established so it might not matter. Just some thoughts…


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