A Snow Day

My writers’ club was supposed to meet today–the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month. Instead, I had to cancel. The weatherman predicted a winter storm, and his prediction was spot on. Snow started falling at eight in the morning and didn’t slow down or stop until after two. We’d have been driving through the worst of it.

The snow fall was beautiful–big, gorgeous flakes. Bushes and tree branches were layered with blankets of white. Birds crowded our feeders–a variety of sparrows, finches, cardinals, and nuthatches. My blue jay came for peanuts. Juncos scratched for seeds on the ground. I’d find myself staring out the window, enjoying the view, when I went from room to room.

When I was a kid, I loved snow days. It meant a day off school. Things have changed now with internet classes and make-up days, but when I was little, we had a free day. And I loved it. It meant bundling up to play outside making snow angels and snowmen. Hills were too far away, so we pulled each other around the yard on a sled.

These days, now that HH and I are retired, we hibernate. We don’t go anywhere, and no one’s going to pull into our snow-covered drive, so we stay in our pajamas. I hit the computer and the keys. He plays on his tablet. We linger longer over lunch and supper and stop to watch TV or yak whenever we feel like it. It’s like playing Hookey

The snow’s stopped, and the kind neighbor who lives across the street and puts a plow on his pickup, came and plowed out our driveway. He won’t let us pay him, so I made him a pork loin with vegetables to have for supper. The big snowplows came and cleared our street already. Tomorrow will be a normal day. But, for today, HH and I are moving in a leisurely fashion. A little work, a little fun. And we’re enjoying it.

5 thoughts on “A Snow Day

  1. Our snow day was yesterday. Today was mostly just blustery winds.
    I love that you have a neighbor who handles plowing and that you made him dinner as a thank you. What a great neighborhood you must have.
    When it’s cold (and/or snowy like this) I love staying inside and snuggling up where it’s cozy!

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  2. We haven’t had snow this year, and after what I call Snowmageddon happened in 2021, I’d just as soon it stayed away. But I love how you described staying home and hibernating. We do the same thing. There is something about the winter and being able to have cozy evenings (or days) at home.

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