I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like my mirror in February. The furnace air has made my skin look parched, and the many, many gray days has my coloring look like paste no matter how much crap I’ve smeared on my face. I love the MIdwest. I really do. But in February, sun and heat grow really appealing.

Our #2 daughter lives in Florida near St. Pete’s. We love her husband. She loves to send pictures of a beautiful beach with a message, “We have a guest room here.” Sometimes, it’s too much. We fly down to see them. But they’re busy. We’re busy. We usually only stay a long weekend or a week. And I’ll be honest. It’s more wonderful seeing the kids than the sun and beach. But this year, we’ve been hit with more expenses than usual–our furnace died, the roof on the dormer bedroom leaked, a chipmunk made a nest in our dishwasher and ate through the wires, our oven fizzled, and our car needed repairs. We’re being a little more careful with our money right now. So, we’ll probably stay home and dream of sun and water.

We have friends who ditch Indiana every year to go to Florida or Arizona for a few months to miss winter. I’m not ready for that. I’d miss our house, our friends…. Grandson #2 just moved back to Indiana, and I hope to see more of him. I’m more of a homebody than HH. He could gladly travel more than stay home. I like roots. Family. Friends. My office. My computer. Routine.

Yes, routine. It grounds me. A two-week vacation makes me restless. Too much fun gets on my nerves. But a week? I can handle that; I even enjoy it. But not this February.

5 thoughts on “February

  1. Judi, I’m sorry to hear you got hit with all those expenses. Ugh! Why do things like that always come in bundles?

    I love vacations, but I’m also a homebody. I’d just prefer my home be in an area where winter doesn’t last as long!

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  2. I can’t complain too much because all of our appliances lived longer than they were supposed to. I guess I just wanted them to be immortal:) I like winter until February, and then it starts being dreary.


  3. I went from WI to AZ. I don’t miss the Midwest winters. Sure, it gets hot in the summer, but there’s always air conditioning, and the one time in my life I’ve had a serious injury involved me slipping on ice in WI.

    Sorry to hear about the furnace and leaks! And that chipmunk thing is so weird it should go in a book.

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  4. Ice is treacherous, but I don’t like really hot and humid temperatures. We visit our daughter when it’s a little cooler. But I hope you love AZ.

    We never, ever would have known a chipmunk made a nest in our dishwasher until it quit running, then we found TONS of peanuts stored in every little pocket of space there was. It was amazing! And expensive:) But hopefully, the chipmunk had a good winter with plenty of yummies. And once we cleaned up all of his peanuts, hopefully, he left!


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