For Writers

I belong to a writers’ club, and I happen to think most of us are pretty darned good. But so many of my friends have gotten discouraged because they try to find an agent or publisher, and it’s so hard, they give up. This isn’t a cop-out, but Ilona Andrews (who has a lot more experience than I do) is sharing her ideas on how to go about it, so I’m just passing along her blog posts on it. She’s so practical, I hope they help someone. She’s also taking questions from readers right now and intends to answer quite a few of them, so if you have a question, you might send it to her.

I hope some of this information is helpful to someone. And like I said, Ilona Andrews is answering questions on her blog right now, so you might want to check to see what she’s up to. And, also, if any of you would ever like to ask me questions, please feel free to. But I’m not all that brilliant:)

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